box Jean Guénette

Jean Guénette

Jean Guénette : President, Director/ Producer, scriptwriter, and photographer

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Jean Guénette is a producer, scriptwriter, journalist and photographer, a recipient of the Lizette Gervais Award in 1989 and the Mireille Lanctôt Award en 1994. He began his career as a television and radio reporter for Radio-Canada. He then continued his career at Télé-Québec for eight years. He produced a large number of pieces on different political, economic, social and cultural issues. He founded Gaspa in 1999.

box Élaine Poirier

Élaine Poirier

Élaine Poirier : Assistant Director/Manager and Production Assistant

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Co-founder and Assistant Producer for GASPA, Élaine Poirier has worked on a number of projects as interviewer, photographer, scriptwriter, sound technician and researcher. She is the manager and production coordinator.

box René Turcotte

René Turcotte

René Turcotte : Delegate Producer, Director and production accountant

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Advisor to the producer / Responsible for all aspects of financial administration related to television and film production. /Responsible for the complete accounting period leading up to the monthly financial statements.

box Françoise Guénette

Françoise Guénette

Françoise Guénette : Independant journalist

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An independant journalist, she was the host of a number of television programs including Droit de parole on Télé-Québec. She was co-editor of the magazine La Vie en rose and more importantly was a radio reporter for Radio-Canada. Established in Quebec City, she often prepares the press review for the Première Heure program on 106.3 FM, and regularly lends her writing and voice to Gaspa.

box Gaston Beaulieu

Gaston Beaulieu

Gaston Beaulieu : Cameraman

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With more than 25 years of experience as a cameraman for Radio-Canada, Tele-Québec and many private producers, Mr. Beaulieu has been collaborating with Gaspa since 1999.